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 Our team has been working on chitosan degradation and its application in animal farming for more than 10 years. Below are some of our repsentative papers publicate in peer-reviewed  journals.
[1] High efficient fabrication of chitosan micropowder by combination of gamma radiation and jet pulverization, Carbohydrate polymers, 60 (2005), p.61-65.
Abstract We describe here a novel approach to the high efficient fabrication of chitosan micropowder by combining radiation technique and jet pulverization. The radiation dose is at 100–300 kGy. Size of microparticles in ethanol dispersion determined by dynamic laser scattering (DLS) is in the range of 5–20 mm, depending on the radiation dose and degree of deacetylation (DD). However, Scanning electron micrography (SEM) measurement shows a size range of 0.1–10 mm. FTIR spectra indicate that chemical structure of the micropowder is retained, while the decomposition temperature measured decreases slightly as compared to the control.
[2] Preparation of high antimicrobial activity thiourea chitosan–AgC complex, Carbohydrate polymers, 60 (2005), p.33-38.
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