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Abstract: This paper aims to evaluate the effects of probiotics (Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, and Bacillus natto) on muscle development and meat quality of broilers. In this study, 480 broilers (1 day old) were randomly divided into 4 groups. Group A was fed with a basal diet. The basal diets of Group B, Group C, and Group D were respectively supplemented with 50 mg/kg chlortetracycline,200 mg/kg probiotics, and 400 mg/kg probiotics. On day 21 and day 42, in each group, 18 randomly selected broilers were tested to determine muscle performances. On day 21, compared with Group A, Group C and Group D showed no significant difference in muscle weight, muscle fiber diameter, meat color, drip loss, shear loss, or cooking loss (P > 0.05). On day 42, compared with Group A, Group C and Group D showed significant increases in muscle weight and muscle fiber diameter and significant decreases in b* value, drip loss,cooking loss, and shear force (P < 0.05). Compared with Group A and Group B, Group C and Group D showed obviously improved muscle microstructure. In conclusion, diets supplemented with 200 or 400 mg/kg probiotics could promote muscular development and meat quality of broilers in the late stage of growth.
[5] Efects of OligoChitosan on Growth Performance and Development
of Immune Organs of Broilers, Journal of Anhui Science and Technology University, 2011,25(2), p.9~13 (in Chinese).
Abstract To study the effects of oligo——ehitosan on growth performance and development of immune organs of broilers,a total of 480 one—day—old healthy Arbor Acre(AA)broilers were randomly divided into four groups,and each group was replicated six times with 20 broilers.The control group was fed with the coln—soy—bean basal diet;the antibiotics group was fed with basal diet added 50 g/t Aureomycin;and the expefimen~l group I(oligo—chitosan low dose group)and group II(Oligo—Chitosan hi gh doses group)were fed with the basal diet supplemented with 20 mg/kg,40mg/kg oligo—chitosan respectively for 42 days.Compared with the control group and the antibiotics group of the same age,the average daily gain and body weight of broilers in the experiment group I and II increased more significandy(P<0.05),the weight and organ indexes of immune organs increased and there were significant diferences in part of these data(P<0.05),but the feed to gain ratio of the experiment group decreased obviously.The results showed that the basal diet supplemented with 20 mg/kg,40mg/kg oligo—chitosan could obviously promote the growth performance of broilers and the development of immune organs,improve the average daay gain and feed conversion ratio of broilers,and enhance the immune function of organism.
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