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[6] Effects of OligoChitosan on Development of Muscle of Broilers, Journal of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, 28 (2013), p.86-90 (in Chinese).
Abstract A total of 480 one—day—old healthy Arbor Acre(AA)broilers were randomly divided into four groups.and each group was replicated 6 times with 20 broilers.The control group was fed with the corn—soybean basal diet;the antibiotics group was fed with basal diet added Aureomycin of 50 mg/kg;and the experimental groups (I and II) were fed with the basal diet supplemented with 20,40 mg/kg oligo—chitosan respectively for 42 days.1 8 broilers were randomly selected from each group and each repeated three broilers on the 21 st day and 42nd day,then breast and leg muscles were weighted and organ index was determined,and the fiber diameter of breast muscle was determined under microscope;the proper size sample which was cut from the organs made into norm al paraffin section,stained tll HE,observed and photographed under microscope.Compared with the control group at 21 st day,the diferences of the weights,organ indexes of the breast and leg muscles and the fiber diam eter of the breast muscle in the experiment groups and the antibiotics group were insignificant(P>O.05);but at 42nd day,the breast and leg muscles weights in the experiment groups I andⅡwere significantly increased(P<0.05)as well as the organ index of leg muscles in the experiment group 11(P<O.01);on the 21 and 42 days experiment I and II groups pectoral muscle fiber diam eter increased,the connective tissue of muscle fibers reduced,cross—sectional myofibrils closely arranged,clear structure.The results has demonstrated that oligo—ehitosan could obviously promote the development of the muscle during later period of feeding,improve the quality of the muscle an d increase the weights of the breast muscle an d leg muBcle.
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