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[8] Effects of Dietary Chitosan on Growth and Non-specific Immunity of Pelteobagrus fulvidraco, Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences, (2013) 06, p.2614—2416. (in Chinese)
Abstract In this trial,the efects of dietary chitesan supplementation levels on growth performance and non-specific immuni~of Pelteobagruzfulvldraco were investigated,and four experimental diets were prepared by adding 0(control group),25,50 and 100 ms/kg chitosan,respectively.The growth trial by feeding fish(mean body weight 7.5 g)with the four experimental diets for 42 d was conducted under water temperature 0f(22.0±2.O)oc.The results showedthattheweisht gainrate,special growthrate,activity of acid phosphatase,activity of alkaline phosphatase.activity of super oxide dismutase and activity of lysozyme of group 25 ms/kg Were significan tly higher than that of contrnl grnup(P<0.05)。and feed conversion ratio was significantly lowerthan that of control group(P<O.05).Dietary 50,100 ms/kg chitosan had no significant efect on the growth performance and non·specific immune function(P>0.05).Thus adding chitosan in Pelteobagrusfulvi&aco feed(25 ms/kg)could appropriately improve their growth performance and non-specific immune function.
[9] Effect of oligo-chitosan Oil antioxidant capacity,lipid m etabolism and meat quality of growing-finishing pigs, Cereal and Feed industry, 2012 (08), p. 54-57.
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