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Abstract This experiment was conducted to study the effect of oligo—chitosan on serum antioxidant capacity,lipid metabolism and meat quality of growing—finishing pigs.The results showed that serum T AOC was improved,4O mg/kg oligochitosan group reached a significant level(P~0.01).There was no significant effect on serum CAT,MDA or GSH—Px(P> 0.05).Oligo chitosan supplementation tended to decrease the content of TC,HDI C and LDLC (P>0.05).Supplementation of 20 mg/kg oligochitosan increased the loin eye L 4 5… (P< 0.05) and decreased the loin eye a 4 5… and(P> 0.05),and 40 mg/kg oligochitosan also decreased the loin eye“ 24 h(P< 0.05).However,oligo chitosan supplementation did not affect cooked meat ratio,cooking loss,water loss,drip loss or pH (P>0.05).The dose of 40 mg/kg was better.

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