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Chitosan quaternary ammonium salt

Taking the lead in realizing industrial production, through the usage of unique technology. Chitosan quaternary ammonium salt has a strong effect of sterilizing, suitable for all kinds of materials, which is a totally nonhazardous and high antimicrobial material.

This product is a quaternary ammonium salt of chitosan Gender: quaternary ammonium salt of chitosan modified molecular structure, the production of amphoteric chitosan quaternary ammonium salt, an efficient antibacterial properties, without other polymeric materials or negative ion flocculation, in the biomedical field and is particularly suitable for use carbomer complex. The product can also be used for viscose fiber spinning or wet spinning other areas.

This product has no bio-toxicity, cytotoxicity and high bio-security.

Korui Biotech is not a supplier of chitosan or chitin material, but a supplier of low-molecular-weight (LMW) chitosan and specific chitosan derivatives. Base on our intensive research and numerous animal tests for more than 10 years, it is confirmed that low-molecular-weight chitosan has very good antibacterial effect and immunity enhancement than either high molecular weight or oligo-chitosan (MW < 5000). Our product is fabricated by physical methods and in the form of fine powder. Such product has high thermal stability and moisture-resistant. We have two type of low-molecular-weight chitosan products, one is water insoluble and the other is soluble. low-molecular-weight (LMW) chitosan of Korui can be used as a feed additive for pigs, chicken, and cow, fish and many other types of animals. It is very effective and the cost is minimum. Presently we supply two major products for the use in pig industry, aquaculture industry and poultry raising. 1.Low-molecular-weight chitosan (KR 901) for animal feed, this product is water insoluble but soluble in dilute acidic solution; for pigs and poultry Dosage of KR901 for pig is as follows: 50 g/T for piglet’s feed, 80-100 g/T for sow’s feed, 20-25 g/T for feed of medium and big pig Dosage of KR901 for poultry is as follows: 20-30 g/T for feed 2.Low-molecular-weight chitosan (KR902) for aquatic feed, this product is water soluble. Dosage of KR 902 for aquaculture is as follows: 20-25 g/T, independent of type of fish, shrimp of others. This product can also be directly disolved in water to make dilute chitosan solution, and then spray on water area. It is especially useful for aquatic seedling.

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