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performance and immune function of piglets
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Effect of low-molecular-weight (LMW) chitosan on performance and immune function of piglets
Carried out by Prof. Yanmin Zhou’s group
Department of animal Nutrition, Nanjing Agriculture Universit, Nanjing, China

The aim is to test the effect of LMW chitosan and probiotics (fungi) combined in a certain proportion for maintaining the health of the gastro-intestinal tract of piglets, promote digestion and absorption. The tests were done in a famous feed group for three times. In all the tests, completely without the use of antibiotics was completely not used. The dose of LMW chitosan was 20 g/T for feed, the specific formula was provided by Nanjing Agricultural University. It was found that the LMW chitosan can improve the average daily gain of weaned piglets, decrease the feed weight ratio, and improve the production performance of pigs. It can also promote the development of the immune system in weaned piglets and promote the proliferation of intestinal bacteria of weaned piglets, reduce Escherichia coli, Salmonella and other harmful bacteria, reduce diarrhea rate, promote the utilization rate of feed and animal growth.
For 35-63 day old piglets, the combination use of LMW chitosan and antibiotics  can improve the apparent digestibility of total organic matter and dry matter , and also the feed weight ratio. The level of MDA in serum was increased but the concentrations of serum leukocyte and platelet decreased. High level of serum GSH-Px seems to repair the peroxidative damage caused by the use of antibiotic.

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